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Kristóf Bacsó

Musician. Saxophone player. Composer. Arranger. Music Educator.

11.15 Attila László 70' concert, Solti Hall,
Liszt Academy, Budapest, 19h
11.22 Masterclass in SOTE University, Budapest 18-20h
11.24 Modern Art Orhestra Plays Film Music,
Opus Jazz Club, 20h
12.05 Modern Art Orhestra Plays Ligeti,
ActiCity, Veszprém, 20h
12.08 Kristóf Bacsó Quartet,
Jedermann Café, Budapest, 20h
12.17 Modern Art Orhestra Plays "Dob és Tánc" - Music for poems of Sándor Weöres
BMC Concert Hall, Budapest, 20h
Kristóf Bacsó TRIAD tour is over, five concerts in a roll with lot of success...
You can read some reviews on the links below....

Baranya Vármegyei Hírportál


Kristóf Bacsó Triad's new album "Imaginary Faces"  is available on all the major online streaming platforms


Kristóf Bacsó - tenor saxophone, EFX

Áron Tálas - Fender Rhodes, piano, keyboards

Márton Juhász - drums

Daniele Camarda - electric bass, EFX

recorded and mixed by Viktor Szabó at BMC Studios

"Music-making is not impractical dabbling in art (or to use Satie’s words “empty virtuosity”), it is a means of reflecting on the moment – a social, historical, personal moment. Which naturally does not mean that this music is not, or should not be, abstract and complex, or even direct and enchanting. Perhaps the magic of Kristóf Bacsó’s music lies precisely in the way he is able to show eternity in the moment."

from the booklet text by Gergely Fazekas



"Kristóf is an amazing saxophonist with a beautiful tone and a remarquable approach to improvisation and composition."
Lionel Loueke

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